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The remaining 5% is where YOU can take advantage - competitive advantage .... If your products and/or services are similar and the market dictates price, the competitive advantage comes by reducing costs, increasing productivity, and innovation.

Customer expectations change daily. With finite business resources, the only way for you to meet these requirements is to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Simply, you have to do more with less.

Reducing Costs - Many process costs are hidden and impact the finite resources of your business. Cost of poor quality can exceed profit margin and can be as high as 30% to 40% of total sales revenue. This cost can be a huge opportunity for your business - each dollar saved in process improvements go straight to your bottom line.

RM-Improve brings new IdeasDuring times of high growth and revenue, the impact of costs is often discounted by business. Only when profit margins are down, does management start looking for ways to decreasing costs. Ignoring or not searching for hidden costs is the same as throwing dollar bills in the trash or our in the street. Many of these costs are easy to identify and control - all you have to do is determine where they are coming from and create a process to eliminate or reduce them.

Inefficiencies lurk throughout every organization, from the office to the field. Improving productivity will not only make your business run smoother, but will also free employee's time to add more value to the company - more time they can use to make your company more successful, rather than simply work harder.

Innovation in every part of the business puts you on a continuous improvement cycle. Not only innovation in your product, but also in service, sales and operations - everywhere. You have seen the results; businesses that adopt a continuous improvement culture are winning in today's marketplace.

The "key" to seizing these opportunities is to unlock the ideas from your business team and put them to work through process facilitation and Intrapreneurism - exploiting change within your organization to create new and innovative ways of doing things. RM-Improves Business

An intrapreneurial culture will create a synergy to continually get better. The payoff is happier customers, increased profit – and the ability to attract and keep the most talented employees. And that is what RMI is here for – to help you draw out this critical information and build on what you already have – a strong company with knowledgeable, skilled employees that have brilliant ideas and the detailed knowledge about how your business and processes work.

Working with your team, we will help you exploit process opportunities and put them to work. We'll provide you with the methods, tools and the ability to identify opportunities, make changes quickly, and deliver them to the customer – before they ask.

Our methods are quick and effective – saving companies millions of dollars in cost savings and productivity gains. And we'll get the hell out of there when we're done. If you are looking to discover new ways to increase profit and productivity and unlock hidden business potential – contact Rocky Mountain Improve today and let us show you how.

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