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Oct 2011 -

The key to getting started with process improvement in your job is…… to set a process achievement plan. At the management level, create an objective goal for each of your direct reports to improve one process per month (or quarter).

If you are a proven self-starter and want to make big points with management, (or you personally enjoy improving processes) establish your own achievement plan. Set aside 1 day each month at a time when you are the least busy and follow these simple steps. .

  1. Make a list of processes (or download the Process Improvement Matrix document) that need improvement, or speak to other people that are upstream or downstream to your processes and get their input.
  2. Prioritize the list. The best way to kick off this sort of initiative is to prioritize a few “quick wins.” Get a few process “wins” under your belt before you attempt to make more substantial improvements.
  3. Once you have prioritized the list, identify the key people you will need to assist you and schedule:
    1. Meetings (keep them short – less than 20 minutes) Always schedule ahead for process improvement projects; they are usually not considered a priority (revenue-generating) to others, making it easy for people to say “I don’t have the time.” By limiting the amount of time for each meeting and including people in your successes, it will become easier to sign people up for process improvement projects.
    2. Schedule conference rooms in advance; there are too many distractions in a personal office or cubicle.
    3. Schedule follow-up meetings (and make them short!)
  4. Repeat this list each month.
  5. Attend a basic BPM and/or Process Modeling training course. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn about process improvement in a couple of days…

Key to success: Share the wins! Communicate to management the key people that helped you achieve your process improvement goals.  The more your “wins” are communicated, the more likely they are to continue…

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