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Welcome to "Article of the Week" archive section. This web page contains most of the articles that we have incorporated into our pages over the past few years.

For those of you new to our site, these articles are selected to provide you, our reader with information we feel is important to help you in your quest for superior process improvement methods.

If there is specific BPM / NPDinformation that you are looking for - or think should be included, please contact us – we have an extensive database of publications and sources.

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Managing your Supply Chain Selling product lines because they are the only ones your distributor carries? Develop new supply chains to grow your business. Read more in Entrepreneur Magaizine onlin

Locating Wholesale Distributors Part I of II - how to find the wholesalers you need based on the products you want to sell. Read more in

The Customer Satisfaction Mystery You cannot improve customer satisfaction by "improving in general." Customers have specific requirements you have to fulfill. Read more in Quality Digest...

Choose Your Automated Services Provider Wisely If you are looking for better vending services at your location, here is an article from business know how - 6 steps to choosing your automated services

Developing Your Co. Biz Training Documentation is critical to your business. Delivering quality results requires understanding what training is needed, how to fill the gaps and how to keep improving performance. Read more in Quality Digest.

Machines and Wet Dogs A fun and interesting article by Quality Digest. Researchers are using Wet Dog results to improve washing machines, painting devices and more.

The Importance of a Back-up Plan The unexpected happens far more often than you might think. Plan for the unexpected. Read this insightful article in Quality Digest

Patience, Timing and Customer Service Using a Baseball Analogy, this Quality Digest article suggests In customer service, your ability to search out the right opportunity can make all the difference in the world

The Most Important Manufacturing Metrics: As New Product Developers, we must always remind ourselves that WE ARE seen as the manufacturer to the buyers. Read more in this must-read article in Quality Digest.

Getting to Customer Satisfaction Is it important to give customers what they want? An interesting article and insight to customer satisfaction in Quality Digest...

Quality Innovation Product Quality is no longer enough to gain competitive advantage; we must focus also on features and capabilities. A great article in Quality Digest.

Delivering Customer Value With Your Products A great 5-step strategy to follow when creating your product development program. Read more in Quality Digest...

Part II: Preventing Quality Failure in NPD Read the conclusion to this two part article in Quality Digest.

Part I: Preventing Quality Failure in NPD To develop and sell quality products, you have to be involved in the manufacturing process. Be proactive and eliminate the gaps between what you've promised your customer and what you need from your manufacturing partner. Read more in this insightful 2-part Quality Digest article...

Developing NPD Quality Programs May is New Product Development Month at RMI. Read this great story from Quality Digest for tips about creating a successful NPD program...

Lean Six Sigma and New Product Development What does Lean Six Sigma and New Product Development Have in Common? Driving Innovation. Read more in this insightful Quality Digest article.

Developing the Quality Culture It comes down to process improvement, and our ability to show continued success. If we di this, the program is termed successful. A few insigts in Quality Digest....

Process Mapping Validation Although a bit technical in nature, this Quality Digest article suggests important steps to take and questions to ask when contemplating a Process Modeling project..

Solving Problems by Asking Questions Process problems are often solved by simply asking the right question. Why can this task be so difficult? Read more in this insightful Quality Digest article...

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