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Great Customer Service 101 Regardless of the industry, Customer Service is key. Post these 10 commandments to great customer service in

Motivation 101 We assume promotions, money etc. motivate people in the same ways. Not So. The key to motivation is understanding the person - and meeting that need. Read more in Quality Digest...

Making your Mission Statement Count Writing a mission statement is easy. Are you really making a contribution? Make your mission statement count - put something in there that will really make a difference. Read this insightful Quality Digest article...

Getting Your Team Fired Up We can indirectly influence our teams' enthusiasm by the actions we take day-to-day. Reward strong values. A great discussion in Quality Digest

Putting The Right Person In Charge of Customer Satisfaction Who is in charge of customer satisfaction in your company? Sales? Marketing? Quality? It take everyone's involvement for total Customer Satisfaction. Read more in Quality Digest

Supply Chain Management 101 We take Logistics for granted - it is more than just shipping and receiving - it is an opportunity to further maximize profit. Read this very informative article in

Purchasing Quality It is critical for you, the inventor/manufacturer to understand the source & quality of your raw materials - your final product quality depends on it. Read more in

Developing a Product Pricing Strategy Price setting is one of the most difficult tasks. Set high enough to maximize profit - and as low as possible to support volume sales. Read more in Quality Digest.

Supply Chain Development- Going Green It may be easier for your business to make a "green" impact by reworking your supply chain. Read this informative article to learn more..

New Product Distribution So you have a new product ready for the shelves. You know it's a great product, but how do you get it out in the market? Read this insightful article in .

Customer - Driven New Product Development According to this short-but-insightful article, there is no substitute for new product customer feedback. Get it - and use it - as fast as you can. Read more in this great piece..

Motivation 101 - "16 Ways" A fantastic article from Quality DIgest discussing many, many ways to celebrate employee success - a must read and must keep article...

Taking Personal Responsibility in Retail Do you have a team that never stops the "blame game"? Instead of assigning blame to an individual, how about team responsibility? Read more in this insightful Quality Digest article."

Is Management Really Needed in Teams? Can your business and/or office run iwthout a "Boss?" This Quality Digest article discusses the advantages and disasters of going "bossless."

Managing Personal Feelings Business communication often breaks down and requires a "restart" - especiao when personal feelings are involved. Read this Quality Digest article for helpful management communication tips.

Team Conflict Management It is always difficult when multiple retail employees must work together to achieve a goal; most retail revolves around self-achievement. Read this important article from Quality Digest...

Declining Employee Loyalty Although not exactly a "quality" related article, this Quality Digest piece about declining employee loyalty is a very important discussion - for both the near and long term of retail...

Experienced Employee Skillset As labor laws raise the age when young people join the market, the "seasoned" skillset contines to gain in value. Why? Because they know so much - not always about the job skills, but rather the more important stuff... Read more in Quality Digest

Improve Customer Service: By treating your employees well. The dividends will pay tenfold as customers deal with happy, motivated people. A great article in Quality Digest

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