Maximizing Retail Sales Training (RST-101)

Retail Selling is tough - and with internet competition, broad product discounting and changing consumer buying patterns, it isn't getting any easier.

The key to increasing your store's sales revenues and profits is to maximize the potential skills of your sales associates.

Are your sales associates capitalizing on "upselling" opportunities? What about "cross-selling?" And even more important, how are your "add-on" sales numbers?

The ability to sell more - through higher average sales, multiple sales, accessories or services can easily double your revenues.

Retail business conditions change continuously, and it takes a great sales associate to stay on top. There aren't many professions that require employees to adjust to change almost every day. How many different factors can change in a day? The list below is only a few of the factors that can affect daily retail business activities. (we bet you can list a few more)

  • New Products
  • Pricing
  • Sales
  • Change of seasonal products
  • Competitor's product additions
  • Internet competition
  • Customer's buying habits
  • Weather
  • Sports (yes, retail business in Denver feel the pain during a sports event)

Help your sales associate realize their sales potential. Provide them with the tools and training that will allow them to anticipate and recognize these changing sales conditions. Rocky Mountain Improve's Maximizing Retail Sales training courses are designed to help them get these results.

Upon completion of the Maximizing Retail Sales course, your sales associates will be ready to:

  • Utilize cross-selling to bring extra value to the customer and how to apply different cross-selling techniques.
  • How to increase add-on sales to bring extra value to the customer and more revenue to the bottom line
  • Apply upselling techniques by showing the customer value in a higher quality product or service
  • Use effective persuasion techniques
  • Apply suggestive selling methods to add value to each sale
  • Close a higher percentage of sales

We offer two different retail sales training courses to meet your needs:

  • Fundamentals of Retail Selling - a 1/2-day course designed to provide your retail employees with great ideas and new skills to improve sales from day one.
  • Advanced Retail Selling - a full day sales training course that will give your employees the skills and ideas to improve your sales results, with additional training on goal setting, sales incentives and sales measurement methods.

And with every RMI training course, we can integrate your retail business' sales policies and procedures into our course material to provide your employees with a comprehensive training that emphasizes new sales skills as well as your standard business sales practices.

Your sales associates need the proper tools and knowledge to maximize your profits. The cost of training can often be regained in the first day following the completion of the course. The sooner you get your people trained, the quicker you'll see the results!

Help your employees help your business and watch your sales improve immediately. Call us at 202-842-9624 for more information.


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