Retail Training - Mastering Customer Service Skills

One of the biggest mistakes a retail business can make is to put all of the concentration on sales. Sales associates become geared into a "sales only" mode without understanding the other skills that are equally important for the success of your retail business. Customer service can make or break you very quickly.

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  • What is customer care?
  • How do I use customer care to increase sales?
  • If sales do increase, how do I measure the impact of customer care?
  • What is the "customer experience" and how do I measure it?
  • How do I increase my multiple sales volume?

  • Understand your customers
  • Measure your customer service levels
  • Customer feedback and contact programs
  • Customer loyalty strategies
  • The Gold inside a simple customer greeting
  • How to deal with customer complaints
  • How to create a customer feedback program

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