Retail Training - Inventory Control & Loss Prevention

The 3 P's of Inventory control; process,policies and people. With the correct balance of the three

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Cost United States retailers over $31 billion last year
Retailers lost 1.7 % of their total annual sales to inventory shrinkage last year
Employee theft and shoplifting are on the rise. Inventory shrinkage remains the single largest category of larceny in the United States, more than motor vehicle theft, bank robbery and household burglary combined.
Ultimately it's consumers that are hurt the most in the form of higher prices An average family of four will spend more than $440 this year in higher prices because of inventory theft
Internal theft by employees cost retailers a record $15 billion.
Shoplifting was also on the rise last year with 31.7 % of retail losses resulting from shoplifting, compared to 30.6 % two years ago. Shoplifting was responsible for nearly $10 billion in losses last year.
Employee theft and shoplifting combined continue to account for the largest source of property crime committed annually in the United States.


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