Retail Loss Prevention Consulting Services

Keeping an eye on your retail inventory is tough - retail theft is out-of-control. Inventory shrinkage is the single largest category of larceny in the United States - more than motor vehicle theft, bank robbery and household burglary combined.

Retail Inventory shrinkage cost retailers over $31 Billion dollars last year - $15 Billion due to employee theft.

And according to studies by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, one of every three businesses will fail as a direct result of employee theft.

Inventory shrinkage doesn't have to be a "cost of doing business." There are many ways you can reduce shrinkage and take more of those hard earned sales dollars to the bottom line.

We can help your retail business retain more of those precious profit dollars. Following a review of your shrinkage levels and current policies, we will recommend a

And what about the value of shrinkage that isn't measured as theft but robs your retail business of precious profit? We call it the "buy to return" where a product is purchased, used and returned - leaving you with a used product that you either have to return for credit, sell for a reduced price or simply scrap.

Our 7-step inventory plan

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