Business Process Software Training

Tired of "canned" software training programs that don't provide the skill set you needed? At Rocky Mountain Improve, our training curriculum are tailored specifically for you.

Prior to delivering a training course to your company and employees, our first step is to send a short questionnaire to determine the skill levels and deliverables you expect to walk out of the training course with.

This questionnaire provides us with crucial information we need to get started; we will then draft a preliminary course syllabus, send it to the attendees to make certain that we are on the "same page" prior to designing and delivering your training.

ProVision TrainingOf course it is easier to deliver the same training program to everyone, but it certainly isn't better; time away from the job to receive training is time wasted if you are not receiving the skills and information required to do the job. We aren't going to waste your time - we want you to leave our training courses with exactly the skillset you need.

Below is a list of our current business software training courses. Please contact us to receive more detail regarding a specific course offering.

BPM Software Training

  • Before you start: Setting the software modeling methodology and standards
  • The Power of Visio: basic modeling techniques
  • Advanced Visio Modeling - structure and standardization
  • BPM for Managers
  • Business modeling using Smartdraw®

ProVison® Software Training:

  • Before you start: Setting the software modeling methodology and standards
  • ProVision Enterprise - Fundamentals of ProVision modeling
  • ProVision Enterprise - Who, What, Why, When and How: Modeling rules, requirements and specifications
  • ProVision Enterprise - for Managers (3-hour course)
  • ProVision Enterprise - Advanced Training levels I, II and III (15 different modules; 1 - 5 days)
  • ProVision Enterprise - Internal Training Development (build custom training program using your corporate models)
  • ProVison Enterprise - Business simulation
  • ProVision Enterprise - Incorporating simulation and VSM
  • ProVision Enterprise - Advanced: simulation using business statistics

iGrafx® Software Training

  • Basic modeling using iGrafx
  • Advanced iGrafx modeling
  • iGrafx simulation and analysis
  • Creating value stream mapping (VSM) using iGrafx

Other Software Training

  • Advanced Excel statistical analytics and reporting
  • MIS Alea / TM1 multi-dimensional database development
  • MIS Alea / TM1 foreign currency modeling development
  • MIS Alea onVision web-based reporting

And if you don't see the training you are looking for listed above, remember that we can tailor a training program to fit your specific needs! Or, we can help you design and deliver internal training programs.

In addition to providing software training, RMI can also help you determine which BPM software is best for your organization. This is an important decision - each BPM software platform has features that the others don't - and some features you may not need! Identifying what features are most important to you need to be made by you, rather than by a software sales rep.

To learn more about our Software training classes, please give us a ring at 303-842-9624, or click on the link below and email a request for a training catalog.


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