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Advanced Business Process Modeling Training

There is a lot more to business modeling than the workflow & swimlane models. Everything a business does can be modeled, from Business Processes and Technology Systems to Business Strategies and Balanced Scorecards. Once you have learned the modeling basics, you need to begin to find ways to make your business modeling more effective

The Advanced Business Process Modeling program offered by Rocky Mountain Improve will provide your business modelers with the knowledge and practical skills to develop these essential models - regardless of the type of modeling software you are currently using..

Have you ever been faced with one or more of the process modeling challenges?

For those of you that have facilitated large groups of SME's (Subject Matter Experts), know the challenges. Post-it notes on the wall? Multiple White Boards? A combination of the two? At the end of the meeting after everyone leaves, you are stuck translating the work onto your computer, or re-drawing the models on paper. Difficulty in deciphering the notes and whiteboard writing? With the right tools and skills, this painful process can be eliminated.

Ever facilitate a modeling session and found out that you didn't identify a SME that was KEY to your process modeling effort? How about finding out that you invited SME's to attend that were not part of your process scope? Did you know that there is a model method that can help you to identify the workflow model organization and roles??

o you develop multiple-leveled (nested) workflow models - decomposing levels of process detail? Everyone seems to have a different process and style to accomplish this. But there is a better way that most likely you aren't using that we can show you.

And when you've finished creating the models, have you ever experienced difficulty presenting the detail in a meeting? How do you shrink down a large model so that you can show the process on a Powerpoint slide? Model Partitioning can be an important skill to learn.

And how do you organize all of these models that other Process groups have created, so that they can be use (and reused) by others? Do you have a documentation or repository process to store the models and associated documentation?.

How do you know what processes should be modeled? Do you have a set of high-level (value chain) models developed to help guide your Business Modeling effort?

These are just a few of the many skills you will learn in the 2-day RMI Advanced Business Process Modeling program.

After completion of the course, you will gain at least 10 valuable process modeling skills:

  1. Learn how to organize models and create a modeling repository
  2. Model Business Organization & Role Structure
  3. Understand the Core Business Model Development process
  4. Prepare for facilitation with the "Context Model" - Business Use Case Modeling
  5. Understand the advantages of using a Business Process Hierarchical Model
  6. Incorporate the Context Model and Process Hierarchical Modeling into a Workflow Model
  7. Learn Advanced Workflow Modeling skills
  8. Model Partitioning
  9. Modeling Auditing & Governance
  10. Model Publishing: How to communicate model detail

As with many Rocky Mountain Improve training courses, the training content is independent of modeling software type; our training was developed to provide business modelers with the skills needed across multiple modeling platforms. However; we also offer Advanced Training specific to software type and the exercises can be modified to use actual examples from your business.

Increase your modeling skills today. Give us a ring at 303-842-9624 or send us an email using the link below to request a Business Modeling training brochure.


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