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Lean and Value Stream Management Training

Lean on ImprovementLean provides tremendous business improvement power.

And it starts with you.

If you are interested in using process improvement methods & tools that are designed to improve your business in the eyes of your customer, Lean and value-stream mapping may be a perfect fit with your organization.

Lean will make your business more competitive, processes more productive, and your team more effective. Lean brings fast results and can be
a strong impetus for any process improvement initiative.

Lean Processes translate to Increased Productivity and Profits!The secret is simple and is summed up in two words - "Continuous Improvement." Lean and value-stream mapping helps to shape everyone's thinking that whatever the job is - there isn't a product or a service that can't be improved. We continue to hear about the successes of a certain automobile manufacturer - a reinventor of the way business operates. The same type of successes can be translated to your company through lean methods and tools.

Rocky Mountain Improve's Lean on Improvement training curriculum is designed to help you and ultimately your company to start improving right away. The course is designed to provide you with the foundation, knowledge and tools to start improving on day 1.

This isn't a course on Lean theory - if you want the theory and history of lean, you can get it from one of the many excellent books available. Our Lean on Improvement course was created with you in mind - a busy, multi-tasking employee with many different tasks & responsibilities with a desire to help his or her company improve the way things are done. Within an hour of walking into the training room, you'll be composing lean diagrams.

An example summary of our standard Lean and Value-Stream Mapping 101 course:

  • Rocky Mountain Improve's Lean On Training ProgramLean Methods and Tools
  • Lean Standardization and symbols
  • Analyze process
  • Draw a high-level current state value-stream map
  • Draw a detailed (nested) current state value-stream map
  • Draw a future state value-stream map
  • Value-stream map analysis, reporting & presentation
  • Lean project planning, forecasting and delivery
  • Creating a value-stream map with software (using iGrafx)
  • Creating a nested map (using iGrafx Process 2007)
  • Lean documentation

Rocky Mountain Improve Lean Course Offerings

Our Lean on Improvement courses ares designed to fit your business needs. Our current Lean On courses include:

  • Lean and value-stream mapping 101 (1 day course)
  • Lean for Manufacturing 102 (2 day course)
  • Lean for Services 102 (2 day course)
  • Lean for Operations and Administration 102 (2 day course)
  • Advanced Lean with Simulation (using iGrafx) (2 day course)

In addition, as with all RMI training - our courses are fully customizable to enable one of your businesses' current process projects into the program. With a very short lead time, we can take an existing process in your company, add it to the training materials and use it as the training example, so that you can train and solve a business problem at the same time!

And where the training takes place can be as important as when; sometimes it is better to train at your facility to allow you easy access to processes and documents you may need for training as well as access to your company network. (it also saves a lot of time and travel expense). Other times, it is best to get away from the office, emails and "fire drills" so that you can concentrate on the training without the distractions. If that is the case, we can arrange training in most any city or location - we are flexible in every way to ensure that you receive the best training experience possible.

Contact us today to get Lean started in your organization - you will be amazed with the quick improvement results!

For more information about our Lean on Improvement course and a detailed training schedule, call us at 303-842-9624 or click on the link below and send us an email.


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