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Process Improvement DocumentationBusiness documentation is one of the most frequent "forgotten" and underutilized part of business improvement and analysis. Companies often "don't have the time" to create, publish and maintain a comprehensive set of business documentation.

However, we at Rocky Mountain Improve are proponents of documentation in every part of your business. Done correctly, documentation creates a structure of standardization and control that will ultimately support your company processes and activities - and impact your business performance..

Rocky Mountain Improve Documentation Development ServicesThe misconception that documentation costs too much to produce and maintain is wrong; a good set of documentation can save you thousands of dollars in precious company resources.

What is the cost to your company when you lose an employee? What is the cost if an employee transfers to another part of the organization or is away on sick leave? How does a new or temporary person complete the tasks if there is not a quality set of documentation to guide them? How do you control external document security?

Documentation is a huge resource to your company, but only if it has been done correctly. RMI can work with your organization, train key individuals, and help you establish a documentation structure that will support your company now as well as support your growth into the future.

Our basic documentation course is 1/2 day in duration, and includes the following:

  • Standard documentation practices
  • Structuring documentation for company-wide implementation
  • Documentation standardization and presentation
  • Maintaining documentation

Our full-day advanced documentation course includes the above training, plus:

  • Process Documentation
  • Documentation integration with modeling tools
  • Documentation and metrics
  • External documentation delivery
  • Documentation indexing and control

You will gain at least 7 valuable documentation skills by attending the RMI Documentation Workshop training

  1. How to apply the 5-step documentation process
  2. How to compile documentation
  3. How to authenticate documents (processes, procedures & policies)
  4. How to consolidate and deliver documentation
  5. Choosing the approval protocol
  6. How to maintain documentation (updating, replacing & storage)
  7. Documentation communication and control

Why waste precious capital on consultants! Train your employees to develop you business documentation program. The team at Rocky Mountain Improve can get your team up to speed in developing a comprehensive set of documentation that will save your time and money!

Let us show you the way. Give us a ring at 303-842-9624 or click on the link below and send us an email


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