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Business Improvement skills in your company will make a huge difference. Continuous improvement initiatives that are part of the top companies today did not happen overnight. The culture was propagated from the top-down from executives to management to employees through many different levels of training programs. Everyone in the company was taught to understand and apply process improvement projects as part of their everyday jobs. Employees are provided with the skills to understand how to identify improvement opportunities and formulate solutions.

The business community (and the economy) has benefited from the continuous improvement models. These models work - so shouldn't they work for you too? Regardless of the size of your business, training your employees to foster a working environment of continuous improvement will reap benefits throughout your organization.

And there isn't one "magic" training course that mysteriously transforms your company into a mean, lean, profit machine overnight. We will work with your management and employees to determine the right "fit" of methodologies that will suit your individual needs as well as help you make your choice of BPM software.

Rocky Mountain Improve Provides Business Improvement TrainingThe key to the success of our training programs is the flexibility and ability to customize the training to fit your needs. We incorporate "real life" examples and projects from your company directly into the training course. It takes a bit of pre-work (and 10 days lead time) to deliver a customized course, but the results are well worth it.

To provide a complete knowledge transfer to you, we promote an open training program to "train the trainer." We come into your company, train a core team of your employees and leave the future training and knowledge transfer up to you - so that you can continue to develop your own training to carry your company's process improvement efforts into the future.

Before we deliver any training course, we provide a short questionnaire to every course attendee, in order to evaluate how to best conduct the training sessions. Typically, there is a mix of knowledge between class participants and the only way to deliver the quality of training that they (and you) expect, is to determine what they need to get out of their training experience.

After we receive the feedback from your team, we formulate the training material and schedule. We then provide the training syllabus to you to make certain before we start, that we will deliver the training that you expect.

Through the questionnaire, we compile a list of project or process material needed from you to customize the program. We integrate these project and process subjects into the training curriculum and we're ready to go.

Our training program includes a series of real-life training examples, continuous training feedback and comprehensive exercises. Custom courses can also be developed for computer-based delivery. Each course also includes a tools CD that contains a number of BPM tools, sample models and other information to facilitate the learning experience. And with all RMI training, we offer unlimited post-training support at absolutely no cost to you.

Give us a ring at 303-842-9624 to discuss your training needs, or click on the link below.


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