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The foundation of high-performance business output is quality documentation at all levels. Enterprise documentation is essential for maintaining standardized processes, measurements and quality levels. Documentation provides the infrastructure for BPM to work to improve processes and organizations.

It also gives your company the ability to foster effective communications between organizations, departments, employees and most importantly, your customers. Documentation is often one of the most often neglected areas of business operations; however a well-maintained set of documentation can save you money in both the short and long term

Documentation can be implemented in a number of ways; we can update your existing processes and procedures; then convert them to digital media for easy retrieval online, computer-based access, or integratedt into your process modeling tool.

Rocky Mountain Improve Electronic DocumentationChances are that you have experienced the effects of a “documentation shortage” at your company or business. An administrative assistant sick for the day or on vacation – trying to find critical information can be impossible without tracking the assistant down on their holiday. Or perhaps a sales representative that has identified a more effective way of presenting your products or services.

And then there is succession planning - when an employee leaves the company, transfers or receives a promotion, what happens to the business?. The replacement usually has to learn the job from scratch or at best, “reverse engineer” the process. Business doesn’t stand still, so the new person is required to quickly learn the process and continue to maintain the previous level of quality. Without the support of good documentation, the process often becomes broken, setting off a chain of events. The company will lose productivity, quality, and often the replacement employee due to frustration of the new position.

Documentation should be a first step in creating a process, rather than an after-thought. This is the real and often unspoken value of the European ISO certification process and Sarbannes-Oxley. These requirements force companies to document processes and the details of who, what, where, when and how of each activity.

Rocky Mountain Improve Digital Media Documentation ServicesntationIn term of process improvement, when attempting to improve an inefficient or “broken” process, the first step is to understand and map the activities. With updated, quality documentation in place, this step is validated quickly, allowing the improvement to be identified and implemented at a much faster pace - with fewer resources.

And the key to ensuring that the right documention is provided to the right person at the right time is important; choosing the proper delivery method will make the difference. Click here for an overview of our Documentation & Procedure Delivery Services.

The team at Rocky Mountain Improve can get you moving toward developing a comprehensive set of documentation that will help you achieve your quest towards continuous improvement. We'll show you the way. Give us a ring at 303-842-9624 or click on the link below and send us an email ...


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