Business Procedure Development

Standard Operating ProcedureA business process is only as good as the operating procedure supporting it. Your business can have every single process and activity modeled and documented, but if they are not supported by sound procedures, the process will eventually fail.

With proper knowledge transfer & documentation of your business procedures, you can ensure continuous productivity. What does the employee do if there is a problem? Do they have to "figure it out" on their own? What happens if a key employee is sick? What if that employee transfers, retires or simply leaves the company?

Maintaining process flow and business continuity can be controlled with a core set of operating procedures. The knowledge behind these procedures exist within each of your employees and can be successfully captured and documented.

Why does your business need to develop & document processes and procedures?

  • Communication Continuity
  • Repeatability
  • Business Governance
  • Education
  • Risk Compliance
  • Process support
  • Government requirements

What are the benefits of policy, procedure and process documentation?

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduced costs
  • Decrease cycle times
  • Increased Quality

Many companies have existing policies, processes & procedures documented; however the most common problem is that these documents be easily located by everyone that needs them at the moment that they need them. If the documentation can't be found when it is required, it is useless. The delivery solution you choose will make the documentation that is needed available to the right person at the right time.

Process & Procedure delivery solutions:

  • Imbedded procedures integrated into business process & enterprise models
  • Business information portals and collaborative environments such as wiki sites and sharepoint
  • Internet-based procedures & policies
  • Computer-based CBT's, CD's and DVD's
  • Sarbannes-Oxley Process modeling, procedure development & documentation

Manufacturing Plant uses such as:Manufacturing Plant Equipment Procedures

  • Product Specifications
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Tool Usage
  • Plant equipment & procedure training
  • Plant equipment troubleshooting
  • Equipment Maintenance

Manufacturing AssemblyHow much better could you control maintenance, troubleshooting, training and product quality with an easy to search, computer-based procedure system at the fingertips of your plant operations people?

Which is where we can help - Rocky Mountain Improve has formed a group of strategic partners that can provide a solution for all your process & procedure requirements. Whether it is capturing, consolidating, indexing or delivery, RMI can provide you with the solution that best fits your needs.

Again, consider this fact: you can implement all of the process improvement programs, tools, six sigma, lean, etc, but if without the support of a strong procedure infrastructure, you will never realize the full potential of your capital investment! Give us a ring at 303-842-9624 or contact us via email using the link below...


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