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Balanced Scorecard PyramidMost likely your business is currently using metrics to measure operational and process performance. The big question is - are they the right questions? Do your process metrics support the strategic measures as well as operational ones? Are the metrics providing your company's with the information and insight to make the right business decisions?

In today's super-competitive marketplace, businesses are devoting more and more time and resources (financial and human) to measure their performance to achieve strategic goals. However despite this effort, seven out of ten organizations are unsatisfied with their measurement efforts*.

Metrics Responsibility MatrixMetrics - when combined with an effective process improvement methodology, can help your company identify very quickly and accurately - what "pieces" of the business performance puzzle are improving and what aren't.

Process is as important in terms of metrics effectiveness as the data itself. Don't discount the administration of business metrics collection & delivery. The development and collection of metrics is a process. In order for the information to be timely and useful to the organization, the systems, processes and people must work in unison to capture, monitor, analyze and communicate results.

In addition to the obvious benefits of business metrics and measures, a solid measurement system can also:

  • Process Control Limits (LCL & UCL)Reduce variation in the delivery of products and services to your customer
  • Gain greater predictability in future performance
  • Ensure sustainable results
  • Gain greater predictability over your process inputs & outputs
  • Have the ability to select suppliers based on the effect of their input on your processes
  • Identify relationships in performance between organizations
  • Help support data-driven decision making - make your decisions based on fact rather than feeling

Statistical Data DistributionRMI has developed a series of standardized reporting tools, designed to help you create a new reporting process or augment your existing measurement reporting system. We can help you begin from scratch, or support your efforts to "fill the gaps" of your existing measurement system.

What Metrics are You Using?

  • Customer Metrics - measuring what products and/or services are important to the customer
  • Balanced Scorecard Metrics - a comprehensive view of the performance of a business. Focusing on both Business Metricsfinancial results AND human issues that drive performance.
  • Process Metrics - measuring process performance to identify successful and/or problem processes.
  • Activity / Responsibility Metrics - activity and individual performance measures of employees
  • Vendor (supplier) metrics - measuring supplier quality and service performance
  • Dashboard Metrics & Measures - key business indicators. Visual/pictorial depiction of business activities to identify business exceptions and conditions.
  • Organizational Metrics Relationships - linking strategic, management, operational and individual metrics to help identify associations and business impact between organizations.
  • Metrics Reporting and Analysis - processes developed to report, maintain and analyze business metrics
  • And of course, RMI's commitment to Documentation - a full set of management, process and procedure documentation to support all metrics and measurement activities.

To evaluate your metrics needs, add more power to your existing measurements or to find out what Rocky Mountain Improve has to offer your measurement portfolio, pick up the phone and dial 303-842-9624 or email us using the link below.

* 2001 Performance Measurement Survey AICPA


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