BPM Methodology Selection and Alignment Services

Business Process ManagementHaving trouble sorting through all of the different business improvement methodologies and tools to determine which one is best for you?

Of course, each consulting and training company promote their own methodology. Six Sigma experts recommend DMAIC; Lean advocates recommend VSM, SCOR experts - the story is all the same; "Ours is the best."

We here at RMI are here to tell you that these are all great methodologies, but not the best for all companies. Are you a services business? Manufacturer? Third-party reseller? Professional Services? Every business is different, which means that some of these methodologies might be best for you, and others may not be.

Business Modeling & SimulationIf you are planning to implement a process improvement initiative in your company, you want to make the right choice for your business. With all methodology providers assuring you that theirs is the best, sorting through the cost / benefit can be a difficult task. And because the right choice can make the difference in your business success, the choice has to be right - the first time.

Transactional Six SigmaToo many times, we have seen businesses spend thousands and even millions of dollars investing in a "process improvement" tool or methodology that wasn't right for them. In a period of a few months, the excitement was gone and the tools and methods discarded.

Which is why we offer a Methodology and Alignment Service at RMI. With our broad BPM background and database of BPM service and tool providers, we can help you assess, select and implement the process improvement methodology and tools that will fit your business -and give you the most bang for your buck

We will team with your company to help you identify your process needs, the methodology (or methodologies) that suite those process needs most, and help you to select the software platform to support your process and methodology requirements. RMI is unbiased as to the methodology or software type - our only concern is matching your company with the right methodology & tools.

We will work with your management team and employees to discover your needs, present you Service Lean Six Sigmawith the alternatives and help you make the leap towards continuous improvement. The end result will be an improvement program that is tailored to your needs in terms of effectiveness, cost and fit to your company's culture.

In your quest to find the methodology that is right for you, we will work through a seven-step process:

  1. Needs discovery - what are you business needs & improvement expectations?
  2. Methodology overview - available methodologies (pros & cons)
  3. Methodology presentation - presentation of top methodologies suited to your business
  4. Select methodology - final presentation of "short list" of methodologies
  5. Present implementation plan - how and when the new methodology(s) will be in place
  6. Implement methodology - rollout and training
  7. Develop & distribute documentation - a continued RMI commitment to ensure the process improvement power is in your company's hands.

There may not be a more important choice you make this year in terms of moving your business forward, transforming and advancing to the next level. Give us a call at 303-842-9624 and let us show you how.

E-mail: info@rm-improve.com

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