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Increase Process SpeedLean is about business speed - finding ways to make your customers happier by getting quicker, faster and better. More and more companies are starting to unleash the power of Lean in their business process improvement efforts.

Lean and value-stream mapping methods are powerful - maximizing value by achieving the fastest rate of improvement in customer satisfaction, cost, quality, process speed and invested capital.

You've seen the effects of Lean methods at work - many companies that have developed and incorporated lean into their business are reaping the rewards. These Lean Manufacturingcompanies are building a competitive advantage "gap" that will be difficult (if not impossible) for competitors to catch up.

Also called "Material and Information Flow Mapping" rather than "Lean" or "Value-Stream Mapping" - but no matter what you call it, the results speak for themselves. Lean works to streamline buiness processes - in production and operations.

Lean methods are one of the most effective - and easiest service-process improvement methods available, with quick and sustainable results. "Quick Wins" and process corrections can be accomplished with smaller teams.

Lean can help your business in a number of ways, including:

  1. Maximizing process speed
  2. Reducing the cost of complexity - removing extra steps and non-value add activities
  3. Reducing delay times in each process activity
  4. Increasing your bottom line and customer satisfaction by concentrating on “value add” and eliminating root causes of non-value-add activities.

Service LeanAnd the effectiveness of lean is not isolated to only manufacturing businesses and processes. In fact, the cost of non-value add activities are much higher in services than in manufacturing. Lean can work wonders on your services business - from delivery services to professional services or call centers. Improving service processes translates to more key resources available to you when you need them - increasing your service capacity and effectiveness. There are always opportunities to make your business processes work better - to deliver your service to the customer faster and more reliably.

And don't discount the power of better cycle times and delivery to your administrative functions and operations. Business organizations always have room for improvement and operations are no different. Do you want to improve your financial reporting Operations & Administrative Leancycle times? Decrease the amount of time it takes to deliver management reporting? Decrease your financial reporting cycle? Cut down on the prospect-to-hiring cycle of new employees? Lean methods and value stream mapping might just be the solution you are looking for.

Lean Six Sigma for ServicesAnd if you are interested in moving to the next level of lean, consider the power of Lean Six Sigma - tools and methods designed to increase speed while decreasing process variation. When used in combination with Transactional Six Sigma, the result is operational improvement effecting both your organization and customer. These two methodologies when applied in tandem, can really pack a wallop to knock out inefficient processes.

The strength of Lean will transform to your business improvements:

  1. Lean will bring substantial ROI to your business - because of the simplicity to implement and use, you don't have to invest many resources or capital to get it going.
  2. Lean will grow as your business grows - because if it's flexibility and ease-of-use, Lean efforts can be expanded to all parts of your organization and advance with the pace of your growing company.
  3. Lean can be used in any type of business model - if your company expands offerings to another line of business, Lean will help - there is always waste in process.
  4. Lean is easy to learn and understand - your core process improvement group can easily explain lean projects and benefits to management - and employees will see the power and simplicity and want to "get on board" with Lean.

Rocky Mountain Improve is well-equipped to help you with any and all lean requirements you might have, ranging from manufacturing, & services to operations & administration. Results speak for themselves - happy customers will always want to do more business with you.

RMI can can come into your company and help you incorporate lean very quickly. In many cases we can get you going in only a few days for very little cost and disruption to your company's daily business flow. Give us a call today at 303-842 9624 and let's get you going now!


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