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The best place to start is to first determine your immediate needs. Are you concerned with a specific trouble-prone area of your business that needs fixing now, or do you want to establish a foundation for company-wide improvement?

Once you have decided what you want to fix, the next step is to determine if there is sufficient return in the improvement effort to justify the cost. Don't improve a process just for the sake of improvement - be certain that there is sufficient ROI to pay for it.

This is where Rocky Mountain Improve can come in and help you make the right decision. In only a few short days, we can help you develop a high-level improvement plan that includes cost, justification and return-on-investment.*

To assess your BPM needs, ask the following questions:

  • Does your current business processes consistently provide the highest quality products and service to customers?
  • Rocky Mountain Improve Business Process Management - BPM ConsultingAre customer and company expectations being met by Information Technology systems?
  • Do departments communicate effectively, working together to avoid duplicating efforts?
  • Are operational processes centralized and standardized?
  • Are processes simple and lean?
  • Is reporting timely and accurate?
  • Is performance monitored with metrics to identify when a process is out-of-control?
  • Are process and procedures documented and available to all users?

Once we have determined how to tackle the issues or deliver a BPM program, a summary plan is executed as follows:

  • Develop a high-level assessment and strategic models to identify the primary who, what, where, when and how factors
  • Determine the key processes and deliverables
  • Create primary process models
  • Analyze primary models and assess opportunities
  • Develop plan and milestones
  • Integrate improvements into future state models
  • Implement improvements
  • Establish process metrics to ensure long term process improvement success

What Rocky Mountain Improve will deliver to you:

Rocky Mountain Improve's Consulting DeliverablesResults that make a difference ... Does the business processes consistently provide the highest quality products and service to customers?

Predictable results - you will know what to expect before we start - in terms of pricing, business results, project ROI and implementation schedule.

Measurable results –
making certain the process change works as planned through established metrics.

Early Visualization of Results -
delivering improvements in small bits, achieving results in short intervals. Through our models and documentation efforts starting day one, you will see early on how the improvements will affect your business.

Sustainable change - business process improvement today that lasts. Following implementation, we provide support, measurement programs and control metrics to ensure long-term success.

Process, training and user manuals will be critical to sustaining process performance. This information will enable a continuing TQM path and ensure long-term success.

Customer Service – our job isn’t done when the project is completed. We are committed to a long-term relationship with you, our business partner. Your continued success is our goal ...

Knowledge Transfer - is done when the implementation runs smoothly and team members are trained and documentation is completed.

To assess your BPM needs, give us a ring at 303-842-9624 or click on the link below and send us an email .....

* Metro Denver businesses qualify for a special RMI consulting program & rates - contact us for further details.


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